You can now buy dog and cat vino to ensure you never drink alone again


Every day we get one step closer to bridging the social divide between humans and our four-legged friends.

While dog puffer vests, friendship necklaces and Karen Walker pet accessories have become the norm, this company has found a new way to bond with your pet.

To ensure you never drink alone again, you can now buy dog and cat vino.

While it’s alcohol-free, the branding is enough to fool us. You can get your hands on magnificently-named Chardognay, Catbernet or Pinot Meow, which is enough for us to buy a case of each.

It’s completely safe, made from all-natural ingredients, and is just about the funniest thing we’ve discovered all week.

To top it all off, you can buy pet-friendly wine glasses to match. Because what pet actually drinks out of a bowl anymore?

Check it all out for yourself here.


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