You can now get Prosecco on tap in Australia because the world is a good place


Prosecco really is having its time in the spotlight.

Making the movement even more delicious is TAP, because the local wine company has blessed us with Prosecco, well, on tap.

TAP’s Sparkling Extra Dry tastes, smells and drinks like Prosecco, but comes from a steel cylinder, not a bottle. This means it can’t be officially recognised as Prosecco, but to be honest, we don’t really care.

Imported from Veneto, Italy and using only Glera grapes, this stuff is the real deal. The bubbles feature hints of ripe fruit and a strong fragrance of apple with a creamy finish.

And at $10 a glass, we’re all here for it.

TAP is currently pouring in restaurants around Melbourne including 38 Chairs, Vaparetto, A25 and Massi, with plans to have it available Australia wide. Woop!


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