A female-only ride-sharing service is launching in Australia

Ride safe.

Australia’s first ever female-only ride-sharing service is set to launch in Melbourne in an attempt to create a safer environment for women travelling home.

SheSafe Taxi is driven exclusively by women and caters exclusively to women, developed in response to complaints from female ride-sharing passengers. 

“We really felt this was a much-needed service for women and young girls to feel safe,” said founder Emma Buchanan to 7 News

Similar to Uber, SheSafe uses an app to book and track rides. With a particular emphasis on safety, background and Working With Children checks are mandatory to become a driver. 

In an added bonus, SheSafe also promises to “donate a percentage of every fare to a charity that helps women and children in need”. 

The idea has already taken hold in the US, with Chariot For Women and She Rides hitting the ground running overseas. 

SheSafe will launch in Australia by the end of November. 

Via Beat.

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