Nonnas of Melbourne unite for a YouTube series teaching us how to cook

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Nonnas, grandmas and yia yias, oh my.

Catering company Peter Rowland has released a new video series that’s equal parts educational and adorable.

Nonnas of Melbourne celebrates the power of the grandma, teaching you to cook just like nan would.

Matriarchs from a wide variety of cultures appear in each video making their favourite traditional dishes, revealing some of their best kept tricks and secrets.

The series includes videos like ‘Nonna Fatma cooks Turkish dolma’, ‘Po po Elizabeth cooks dim sims’, and “Yia yia Maria cooks pastitsio’. And, spoiler alert, they’re all delightful.

If you’re in need of some soothing grand-maternal energies and virtual comfort food, check out the series here.

While you’re at it, Peter Rowland’s online delivery menu is also offering a special Nonna Collection of mains and desserts, so you can eat while you watch.


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