Put down the gin, KFC has released gravy cocktails

KFC gravy cocktails

Words by Tara Smith

Makin’ gravy.

Just when you thought KFC had peaked with its bath bombs and holiday collection, the Colonel has announced a foray into mixology.

While it’s no 11-secret herbs & spices recipe, the fast food retailer has released instructions for three gravy-infused cocktails. Yep, actual gravy cocktails for you to drink.

The first is the ‘Gravy Mary’, a bloody mary spiked with 20mL of KFC gravy, garnished with popcorn chicken. If that hasn’t whet your appetite, you might like the ‘Southern Twist’, a Kentucky bourbon-based gravy mix.

Last of all is the ‘Fingerlickin’ Sour’, a concoction of mezcal, orange marmalade, egg white and yep, KFC gravy.

While you can’t purchase any gravy cocktails at KFC stores, the Colonel has gone ahead and released the recipes online.

All three recipes are available to view here. Mix at your own risk.


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