Queer Eye’s beloved Antoni is releasing a cookbook

Image via @antoni/Instagram
Words by Tara Smith

All things just keep getting better.

Antoni Porowski, eternal heartthrob of Netflix’s Queer Eye, is releasing a cookbook.

To prove just how well he can cook, Antoni has partnered up with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to release a 100-recipe compendium in 2019.

Those familiar with the excellent Netflix reboot will know that Antoni copped a lot of flak for his ‘lacklustre’ cooking skills, teaching men basic recipes like avocado salad.

Any real fan will know that the men in question have probably never seen an avocado in their life, therefore attempting the intricacies of a homemade croquembouche is a complete waste of time.

The recipe book is set to follow a similar formula as the show; healthy, accessible recipes to get people in the kitchen.


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