Show Coles what you think of its bag backflip with this ‘Moles’ tote

Images via Moles Inc
Words by Veronica Stanford

Pussy bitches.

You can now show your distaste for Coles’ plastic bag ban backflip, with a reusable bag that gives the supermarket giant the big ol’ middle finger.

Some genius has decided the best way to comment on Coles’ decision to supply free plastic bags indefinitely is to arm shoppers with reusable totes adorned with the word ‘Moles’.

Pick from catchy slogans like ‘Fucking Moles’, ‘Bloody Moles’, ‘Moles couldn’t hack it’ and ‘Moles pussy bitches’ in the style of the Coles logo, adorning a standard white tote

Each bag is only $19.50 and a portion of each sale is being donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, a charity dedicated to protecting coasts and oceans.

Pick up your very own here.


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