‘Stranger Things’ is getting three new characters next season

Words by Nikki Escalante

Looks like we’re in for another rollercoaster.

We’re all waiting on an official release date for Stranger Things’ third season, but it’s a little easier to cope when we’re hit with constant updates.

In the latest Stranger news, three new characters are set to join the gang next season, according to ThatHashtagShow.

Check out their descriptions below:

Mayor Larry Kline – aged between 40-60, pathetic and slick male politician, only looks out for himself, traditional ’80s legislator.

Bruce – news reporter in his 50s, described as “morally compromised”, extremely sexist, overweight and dishevelled.

Patricia Brown – kind, elderly woman in her 70s, tends to her garden a lot, gives advice to the neighbourhood kids (though no description of which kids).

Earlier this month, we also found out that Maya Hawke, aka Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s daughter, is slated to shake things up in Hawkins playing “alternative girl” Robin.

If the character bios above are anything to go by, we’re in for another rollercoaster of a season.


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