The sustainable Insta girls who are worth a follow

Illustration by Twylamae
Words by Hannah Cole

Inspiration, not irritation.

I don’t know about you, but Instagram often makes me cringe, particularly when it comes to the sustainable space.

There is a terribly fine line between passion and preachy; a line that is too often toed and over-stepped. IMHO, regular rants and angered outbursts do little to create actual positive change in the world (instead, they come across as a little crazed and possessed).

And while I definitely learn some valuable pointers from this group of influencers, their aspirational factor leaves a lot to be desired.

This girl needs to see more than a few pieces of linen and a monochromatic feed to get jazzed.

If I am going to live a somewhat sustainable life, I want to be inspired – by the cool, down-to-earth girl. The girl who has a regular job (i.e. doesn’t live off fruit, in the nude, in the Amazon), enjoys a tipple, and has a *fresh* wardrobe. Essentially, me but better. After all, isn’t that what Instagram is for?

So, after much research, I’ve come up with a digestible list of Instagrammers to follow. If you’ve been tempted to get on the #cleaneating wagon, eliminate plastics from your life or learn the art of thrift shopping, these are your girls. Bow down and do as they do.

Bianca Valle – @vbiancav

Whoever said street-cool girls couldn’t spruik sustainable living was wrong. Embarrassingly so, in the case of Bianca. She’s an advocate for all things wellness, always done in style. She’s a feeder and an artist and – we haven’t met, but I am 100 per cent sure of it – an all-around great gal. Any lover of savoury oats is a keeper in my books. Earth-friendly skincare is where her speciality lies – I’m Googling brands like One Ocean Beauty and Tata Harper to add to my cabinet. Positive vibes, a cute face and all the veggie inspo you could need.

Lauren Singer – @trashisfortossers

Don’t let the potentially wounding handle put you off. While Lauren may have every right to preach (she has even given a TEDxTeen talk), her humble Instagram is a feast for the trash-averse. After collecting all her waste for three years – amounting to one small mason jar’s worth – Lauren is now a fully-fledged zero-waste *kween*. And we have much to learn, friends. Follow for some long (but very insightful) captions and a smattering of tips on reducing all genres of waste. For the daring, she’ll also teach you how to make DIY toothpaste and freshen your teeth the natural, plastic-free way.

Celeste Tesoriero – @thecowboygeisha

London-based Australian, Celeste Tesoriero, brings a realness to sustainable fashion advocacy. Once an ethical designer herself, Celeste’s personal feed captures both the artistic and the beautiful. She taps into the reality of living a plastic-free, thoughtful life through storytelling captions that will have your head nodding along. Like: collecting handfuls of cigarette butts from Spain’s beaches, only to moments later sip a cocktail – with straw – after forgetting to ask without. #Feels. We’ve all been there. Stats, facts and buying tips are added in for good measure. Celeste is my aspirational travelling gal delivering just the right amount of goodness (because no one likes the perfect girl).

Thalea Michos-Vellis – @eye99

Thalea is a trés cool Melbournian stylist who also happens to dictate wardrobes all over the world. Her speciality? Sourcing the most incredible vintage and second-hand designer pieces. It makes me weep. While not explicitly sustainable in every choice, Thalea still provides a source of inspiration (and a giant kick up the butt). Get outside, go and explore suburbia, find the best sartorial steals. Then come home and play dress-ups; mix and match to your heart’s delight, uncovering the style maven you truly are.

Now, do as I do, and make a new Instagram collection to bookmark all these gems. Go forth and save the tidbits to live your life by.

Be the sustainable mermaid you’ve always wanted to be.

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