Finally, a luxe pocket-sized toilet spray exists so you can poo in peace

Images via NON
Words by Tara Smith

Your colleagues won’t know what hit them.

Finally, a poo spray exists that speaks to my level of elegance and decorum.

Introducing NON Pre Poo Toilet Spray, an all-natural, luxe-looking product that’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

The plant-based odour eliminator is designed to allow you to go to the toilet in peace, without the fear of judgement from whoever walks in after you. Unlike other sprays on the market, this one is intended to be used before you go, creating a natural-smelling barrier between you and the toilet.

So how does it work?

After the product is sprayed directly into the bowl, its blend of essential oils acts like a barrier, trapping any odours below the water surface. As an added bonus, it contains no synthetics, parabens or alcohol and is SLS-free. It’s also free of any animal testing.

You can purchase the product in three handy sizes – ranging from 125mL, 60mL and a pocket-sized 10mL – making it the perfect inter-office KK present (a special Secret Santa pack is available for this very purpose).

Shop the range online here.


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