Support fire relief in NSW with these local donation initiatives

Words by Ruby Staley


If you’re not across what’s happening in Australia at the moment, over 60 fires are now burning across NSW and QLD with three human lives lost, 350 koalas dead in one park alone, and hundreds of homes gone.

As the fires in NSW and Queensland blaze on, the resources of firefighters, charities and animal rescue groups are diminishing. Organisations such as the NSW Rural Fire Service and The Salvation Army have called for financial donations and assistance to assist their work on the ground.

And while the Australian government sits back and sends its “thoughts and prayers”, a number of local brands have taken matters into their own hands.

Here’s a list of those – so far – who have committed to financially helping those affected by the fires and those combatting them in NSW.

  • Ultra Violette
    Today, November 13, Ultra Violette is donating 100% of sales through its website to the Rural Fire Service. If you’ve ever thought about purchasing one of the brand’s screens, this is the day to do it and also help those at the frontline.
  • Tom Organic
    TOM Organic will be donating $100 on behalf of every staff member, as well as donating 100 per cent of profits from its online store from now until midnight Friday November 15. These donations will be paid to the NSW Rural Fire Services to help protect homes, wildlife and livelihood. ⁠
  • Orchard Street
    Orchard St. will be donating 100 per cent of all profits until midnight Friday November 15 to the Red Cross and Wires Wildlife Rescue, for the humans and animals affected by the fires.
  • Shameless Podcast
    Zara and Michelle from Shameless have set up a Go Fund Me account for their followers to donate, with the money to be donated directly to St Vinnies’ NSW Bushfire appeal. The account has already raised almost $25k for the cause.
  • The Slow Days
    The Slow Days will be donating all of last week’s sales to the charities and services who are fighting the fires and helping those in need.
  • Being Skincare
    The team from Being Skincare want to say thank you to the firefighters and volunteers saving land and lives. They will be donating all profits over the next 48 hours (until Friday November 15) to the NSW Rural Fire Service and the Red Cross.

Follow these links to donate directly to those on the ground:

Or sign the petition for Scott Morrison to meet immediately with emergency leaders here.

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