A giant potato-shaped Airbnb now exists

Words by Christina Karras

Imaages via Airbnb

Would you like fries with that?

If your love for potatoes knows no bounds, you’ll be excited to know you can now stay the night in one.

Located on 400 acres of farmland just south of Idaho’s capital city Boise, the massive spud once toured the US with the Idaho Potato Commission. Presumably bringing the joy of potatoes to the masses, the 6-ton structure visited 48 states over 6 years on the back of a semi-trailer.

It’s now been retired from touring life and has been remodelled into a mini-hotel.

As bizarre as it sounds, the inside is surprisingly stylish. Featuring fresh white walls, it’s decked out with millennial pink chairs, houseplants, and a comfy queen-size bed. While there’s no kitchen, there is a small bathroom, complete with a sink and toilet.

With room for two, you can stay in the potato for around $200 USD a night. It’s already booked out for May, but if you’re off to Idaho anytime soon (or just love potatoes), you can check it out here.


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