This brand has come up with a sustainable alternative to plastic postbags

Image via Alice Nightingale
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

A real dirt bag.

So you’ve created a useful, innovative and sustainable product, and it’s ready to ship out into the world.

Rather than undoing all your hard work with plastic shipping bags that’ll end up in landfill, opt for something a little more environmentally friendly.

The Better Packaging Co. has developed courier satchels made from organic plant matter. This means they’re compostable and worm-friendly, and will break down without releasing any toxins or pollutants.

Choose between regular satchels, padded mailers and see-through polybags to best protect your goods and see them safely to their new owners.

The company’s plastic-free, zero-waste approach to shipping has already been embraced by brands like Tigerlily, Karen Walker, KitX, Worktones and INCU.

Check out the full comPOST packaging range online and get more information on each product’s benefits and lifecycle.


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