Tinder data reveals the surprising dating trends of 2019

Words by Olivia Hart

Swipe right.

Tinder’s end of year romance wrap-up analysed data and user bios to get the best sense of who is looking for love this year. Turns out, daters in 2019 are a politically minded and digitally savvy bunch.

With the normalised culture of online dating in the modern world, it’s no surprise the most active users are Gen Z (ages 18-25), who took over the app with emojis and trending topics.

Results show that modern daters aren’t afraid to be up front about what matters to them. with regular discussion points being the global climate strikes, Donald Trump, Mardi Gras and Greta Thunberg.

The age old dating subculture of ‘Netflix and chill’ is not to be forgotten, with iconic television and film content like Game of Thrones, Joker and The Bachelor making regular appearances in flirty banter.

If a picture sends a thousand words then an emoji is priceless, with up to 300 million emojis featuring in user bios. Mix digital convos with politics and you get the two most used emojis of 2019: the face palm and the shrug. 

‘Woke’ topped the list of most-frequented word in bios, which is fitting considering there was a rise in the use of words ‘vegan’, ‘almond milk’ and ‘kombucha’. While millennials veered more towards rose and cocktails.

Words like ‘stan’, ‘snack’, ‘lit’ and ‘shook’ also ranked highly, proving the dating world to be as 2019 as possible.


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