A Blogger’s Guide to NYC

Let the #InstaInspo begin.

New York. One of the greatest cities in the world. A place where creative opportunity thrives, and for a blogger like myself, where a plethora of #travelgram moments lie. 

So here I am, fresh off the plane, ready to share with you my Blogger’s Guide to NYC. Let the #InstaInspo begin.

1. Wander Soho

Whether you are a #fashionblogger or food is more your jam, Soho is for you. Teaming with street style photographers, designer boutiques, top notch coffee, matcha chai, pressed juices, Instagrammable marble bench tops, graffiti walls and bearded men on fixies, Soho can be likened to the eclectic landscape of Fitzroy or Brunswick, with a little more panache. It is, after all, NYC. 

When you’re ready to post, head to the Elizabeth Street Garden and have your own little solo picnic. Grab an Almond Iced Latte from La Colombe (not to be missed) and pull up a seat on the grass to really immerse yourself in the urban garden. It really does make for a pretty Instagram moment, oh and an IRL memory too. 

2. Find a rooftop

Literally any rooftop is a good rooftop. Especially one with alcohol flowing and epic peeps. If you can’t find that, then the incredible city views will have to suffice #toughlife. 

Lucky for me I was able to combine the two and hang with the coolest creative kids in town #squadgoals.

3. Experience the coffee culture….thanks to Australia.

To say that the coffee culture in NYC is expanding is an understatement. Ultimately, you can thank the influx of Australian cafes for this #nailedit.

Three key coffee spots will cover your bases in all corners of the town. If you are staying in the tourist hub of Midtown or East Midtown, head over to Lexington & E56th to Little Collins (named after Little Collins St, they even have the street sign) for a good cappuccino and an epic smashed avo.

If you are in Nolita or the Lower East Side, head to Rubys on Mulberry Street for all your Insta-worthy coffee and juice needs. Their watermelon & mint juice is heaven on a hot summer day in the city. But if you need a pick-me-up ask for a quick espresso. 

Finally if you find yourself in the West Village then head on over to none other than Blue Stone Lane Cafe in Greenwich. Run by a Melburnian (say no more) this cafe is popular at the best of times. Order the Ricotta Pancakes and take a #fashgram #flatlay with your coffee and sunglasses on their impeccable white bench tops. 

4. LES Sixty Pool Hangs

Whether you watched Gossip Girl religiously or are just a regular hipster, the Lower East Side (or LES as it is commonly known) is the cultural hub and cool kid hang out of NYC.

And the LES Sixty hotel is the spot to be seen during the summer season. It happens to have not only the best rooftop pool in the region, but the best Mojitos going around #triedandtested. Frequented by blogging and influencer elites like Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper), Tash Oakley and Leandra Medine (Man Repeller), you are likely to be in good company. Plus the bartenders are pretty damn cute #swoon.

5. West Village life

The West Village. What can I say? Greenwich, Bleeker St, Perry Street stoops, The Hudson? So many insta opportunities, so little time! *insert gasp emoji* 

If you love to wander, the West village has it going on. One moment you will find yourself in among the high-end designer crowd of Bleeker and the next, in a vintage bookstore or art gallery. If you can find the perfect stoop to match your #ootd then be sure to get a snap, or two, or three. Because this is the perfect opp for your NYC Sex and the City moment. Also while you’re there, pop by Jay Zs restaurant The Spotted Pig. If you dont, you may never forgive yourself #aiiight.

6. Walking with a difference

New York is a busy city and if you want to avoid the ridiculous cab fares, traffic and inferno that is the subway, then walking is the best way to get around. For a unique stroll, The Highline is pretty spesh. 

A 2km linear park built in the West Side on an elevated disused train line, The Highline was set out to be destroyed in the early 2000s, before a group of incredible people got together to save this beautiful and historic landmark. It is literally a blogger’s dream. Think urban structures, modern lines, vintage train tracks, pretty flowers, epic views and highly instagrammable/edible ice-cream sandwiches. Work your way down from the West Village to the Meat Packing District and youll end your journey at The Standard hotel where a Sangria pick me up is, well, essential. 

There are so many Insta-worthy opps around NYC and this has only scratched the surface of it. For more, follow Tiffany’s NYC journey over on her instagram @_divinewanderer_

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