Someone invented a suitcase that weighs itself, charges your phone and has a GPS tracker

They see me rolling, they hatin’

We’ve all been there. At the airport, luggage on the scales, nervously watching the weight tick closer and closer to the ridiculously prescribed limit, punching ourselves for those last-minute purchases.

A NY-based luggage company has recognised our fears and come to the rescue. Introducing Raden. Its suitcases are a game-changer and here is every reason why:

  1. They feature in-built technology that tells you how much your baggage weighs, before you get to the airport.
  2. They also feature in-built GPS to track your bag’s location.
  3. They connect to an app which offers alerts on traffic conditions, weather conditions and airport wait times.
  4. An integrated battery accommodates four full phone charges, with two USB ports allowing for devices to be charged simultaneously.
  5. Not only are they flying high on the technology side, they’re also acing the design game. Colours range from soft baby pink to deep green and a very suave black matte.
  6. The case is durable and comes with an in-built lock and waterproof sealing.

Raden has seriously thought of everything.

Suitcases come in two sizes 22” and 28”, with both weighing less than 5.5kg. Unfortunately, Raden is only available in the US and Canada (noooo), however more countries are set to receive access soon. So stay tuned.


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