Trick your child into doing the housework with working ‘toy’ Dyson


I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy to admit that using my Dyson handheld cordless vacuum is a bit of a vibe.

If you’re also lucky to possess one of these godly tools, you’ll know that there’s no household chore more enjoyable than zipping ’round, listening to the satisfying clunk as all your crap comes off the floor.

Realising there’s a real opportunity here to occupy a child for hours, toy brand Casdon has teamed up with Dyson for a working toy replica of the DC59.

The ultimate way to trick your kids into thinking they’re ‘playing’ – while really just ensuring they earn their keep – the vac comes with simulated cyclone action, an easy-access dust compartment and realistic noises. Colourful plastic balls also roll around in the dust container, giving the illusion they’re having some sort of ‘fun’ while they collect all their crumbs. LOL.

You’ll have to search the depths of the internet to find one that’s sold in Australia (we found one here), but we think it sounds like a pretty promising investment.

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