Singapore Airport has recreated the wizarding world of Harry Potter

Images via Changi Airport
Words by Tara Smith

Fantastic airports and where to find them.

Forget the Floo network, this summer is all about travelling through Singapore’s Changi Airport.

In celebration of the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the airport has teamed up with Warner Brothers to recreate the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Travellers will be pleased to find Hogsmeade Village and Diagon Alley in place of Terminal 3, and a lifelike Whomping Willow at Terminal 2. Those interested in Fantastic Beasts can also explore Newt’s Menagerie at Terminal 1 – which pretty much eradicates all reason to go anywhere else this holiday season.

That’s not all either. Throughout the airport, you can get fitted for your own robe, partake in Quidditch throwing practice and watch a magical snow and light show at Hogsmeade.

The ‘Wizarding World Holiday’ is running at Changi Airport from now until mid-February 2019.

We’ve never been so excited to go to the airport.


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