Wes Anderson is curating an art exhibition in Vienna

Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf
WORDS BY Veronica Stanford

Image via Kunsthistorisches Museum

See you in Vienna.

Wes Anderson’s got us planning our next holiday, with the announcement he will be curating an exhibition for the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

Working alongside his wife, illustrator and costume designer Juman Malouf, Anderson will select pieces from the museum’s collection of musical instruments, weapons, Greco-Roman antiques and armour.

The exhibit will display from September 11 to January 20, before moving to the Fondazione Prada in Venice, where Anderson has previously designed a cafe.

“Wes and Juman are the third guest curators to have been invited by the Kunsthistorisches Museum,” the museum’s curator of modern and contemporary art, Jasper Sharp, said in an interview.

“Their approach to the selection of objects and the method of their display seems certain to produce something most unexpected.”


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