What’s something positive that will come out of this crisis?


Ask and you shall receive.

Welcome to Ask the FJ Community. We’ve tapped our brilliant community of creatives – writers, artists, designers, stylists, makeup artists, photographers – and asked them some of the questions that have been bouncing around our heads during isolation. For the first instalment, we asked: “What’s something positive that will come out of this crisis?”. We think we could all do with a little examination of the potential silver linings of this situation, and we hope you enjoy their answers as much as we do.

Hannah Cole, writer and FJ contributor

“I hope this is the wake-up call we need surrounding capitalism and community. I think we’ve forgotten how to properly care of each other; we’ve been so consumed by ourselves and wealth and fame and Instagram. I hope we learn to connect on deeper levels, to truly love, and that this might also be a call for more local manufacturing across the board.”

Carlos Mangubat, freelance stylist and FJ contributor

“Greater perspective on how we are affecting the planet with our actions, how we can better ourselves in this area for the future of ourselves and the planet, [examining] how much we consume and spend and perhaps developing an understanding of how much less we could live off. [Also] how connected we are to each other and how we feel about the people around us, especially when we aren’t physically around them.”

Genevieve Phelan, writer and FJ contributor

“This is universal. The entire world is trying to forge new normalcy together and there is something so profound in that. People are learning to practice more kindness – to call friends, check-in, love thy neighbour, say “Hi” on a dog walk and actually mean it when they open an email with “Hope you’re having a good day”. We’ll collectively appreciate the chaos in the everyday. The mosh pits will be so wonderfully sweaty. Some brilliant memoir chapters will be written.

“We will be so grateful for what we didn’t even know we took for granted. A quote from Leandra Medine won’t leave me: “What drives my desire to get the hell up and out every morning is exactly the same as it was ten years ago: find the story in what it means to be alive right now.” We’re already seeing that groundswell of creativity, storytelling and adaptation. There’s only more of it to come and that’s something to hold on to. Oh, and the memes.”

Kaitlyn Bosnjak, photographer and FJ contributor

“Although the current global predicament isn’t a very positive one, there are small victories that are arising out of it. Things like lower emissions, stronger communities forming, and innovative thinking. I think it’s important to not only stay safe during this time but also to focus on what good is happening around the world.”

Jade Leung, stylist and FJ contributor

“Some positives of this global crisis that I feel I’m already seeing -from some of us that haven’t taken part in unnecessary hoarding- is seeing the community spirit. I hope everyone else has taken this opportunity as a lot of my friends and family have to call one another and see how they’re doing. Hopefully, the break will help our planet recover as well.”

Olivia Hart, writer and FJ contributor

“I think everyone is really learning the value of community, having something so serious that connects every single person might affect change in prejudicial views and guide people to connect with others they might not have before.”

Sabina McKenna, writer, artist, curator and FJ contributor

“I think the resulting world will be very different after this, and hopefully we will have all taken a moment to ask ourselves who we are and what is important to us with all of the extreme workloads, achieving, travelling, spending, buying etc, all on hold. Who are we without materialism, capitalism, money, success?”

Maggie Zhou, FJ intern

“Appreciating the day-to-day activities we’ve taken for granted! I am so excited to go out for a nice meal, hang with my friends and to go see some shows. I asked people on Instagram what they’re excited to do once this is all over and I got answers ranging from going to eat dumplings with their girlfriend to travelling the world to just simply hugging others. It’s all in the small things.”

Indah Dwyer, writer, model and FJ contributor

“I hope for the fall of hyper-capitalism, Green New Deal, fewer emissions and pollution.”

Vic Anderson, makeup artist and FJ contributor

“Better hygiene practices?! But seriously, I hope for our industry it’s a positive change. It feels like we’re in free-fall right now, but I can see it reinvigorating passions and creativity. More artists getting out of their comfort zones can only be a good thing. Finding new ways to make money from our art… necessity is the mother of all invention, after all!”

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