55 musings from Laneway 2018

Words by Eve Oswald
Photography by BIANCA FIORITTI

Best. Day. EVER.

The sun was high in the sky as I poured in with all the other glittery Laneway goers. I realise one in two people are wearing a baker boy hat, as am I (removes hat and places in backpack slyly).

First off, I make my way to the Kiehl’s rooftop party and the views overlooking Laneway and the city skyline are seriously impressive. Kiehl’s have pulled out all the stops with some very attractive barmen whipping up blood orange margaritas and mimosas, as well as a ball-pit, a DJ and tacos. Naturally, I make a beeline for the tacos and a spot of shade.  I’m not partaking in the ball pit, simply to avoid the humiliation of entering it with the grace of a falling hippo and emerging severely injured (no matter how great the boomerang will be).

Here are some musings from the rest of the day.

  1. Gosh they all look so silly taking selfies
  2. (Attempts selfie and fails miserably)
  3. It’s so hot I’m meeeeelting
  4. Amy Shark, shit I’m missing Amy Shark
  5. Why did I have so many mimosas
  6. Look, I can’t say I’m into her but she sounds exactly how she sounds on the radio which is impressive.
  7.  Smith and Deli have a food-booth, time to grab a cheeseburger
  8. God, it’s good
  9. What is that ethereal melody I hear? *follows heavenly sounds*
  10. I end up at Moses Sumney
  11. He is hauntingly talented, I sway in awe through his whole set and Shazam every second song
  12. Oh, look there’s someone up a tree, good for them. Wish I was that nimble
  13. Someone just complimented my pants
  15. Much like girls in nightclub bathrooms
  16. I’m still thinking about that cheeseburger btw
  17. “How is everyone so attractive here?” Overheard at Laneway
  18. Case in point, this photo gallery
  19. The sun starts to set and the breeze soothes my sunburnt ears
  20. I’m ready to be wooed by The Internet’s sultry sounds
  21. I seem to be standing at a spot in the crowd which is a thoroughfare, NO I WILL NOT MOVE
  22. Also may have a touch of sunstroke because not even the Redbull and vodka I’m regrettably drinking is getting rid of this headache
  23. In comes the delicious syrupy bass of ‘Special Affair’
  24. Man they work the crowd
  25. The leads vocals are silky AF
  26. To be honest Bonobo is what I’m here for, he is dazzling live
  27. I’m not disappointed
  28. Guest vocalist (Szjerdene) is phenomenal.
  29. I groove along with strangers am encouraged to woo
  30. Let’s be clear I’m not a woo girl
  31. I turn into a woo girl
  32. Anything for Bonobo
  33. You better be good Mac Demarco, I chose you over Tokimonsta and IT WASN’T EASY
  34. Damn you, devastating clashes
  35. Maybe I can leave halfway through?
  36. Ok I’m not going anywhere
  37. Hearing ‘Chamber of Refection’ live, feels like falling in love/summers spent down the coast. Dreamy and euphoric and delicious
  38. I am left in a giddy delirium
  39. Everything is right in the world
  40. Odesza is next and the hype for them is HUGE
  41. Oh hell no, that drum line is on another level
  42. I have literal chills how are they so synchronized
  43. ‘Line of Sight’ goes off
  44. A spot is cleared in the crowd and two people are having a dance off
  45. They are now stripping
  46. It’s like a car crash I can’t look away
  47. Please dear god, make it stop
  48. I’m ready for some jazzy goodness from Badbadnotgood to finish the night
  49. My bf keeps calling them ‘Goodbadgoodbad’ to annoy me
  50. It’s working
  51. The vibes here are the complete opposite from the previous act
  52. Nice to end the night on but I’m kind of still buzzing from Odesza
  53. The night has come to an end and I pile out of the Footscray Community Centre, slightly burnt but very content
  54. See you next year Laneway, it’s a date ♥
  55. Best.day.EVER
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