Lana Del Rey is writing a Broadway musical

Words by Tara Smith

For Broadway.

…But it might be a while off.

In a recent interview with L’Officiel USA, Lana Del Rey answered various questions from celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Grimes, Stevie Nicks and more.

While the questions ranged from Kim K’s “can you cook?” to Grimes’ “would you go to Mars?” the best one came from a fan submission.

“Have you ever considered writing and directing your own feature-length or short film?”

“I thought about writing a biopic about someone that wasn’t real. Actually, I was asked to write a musical, which I’ve started. It was for Broadway. I may finish in two or three years. Me and Rick have written something, so we’ll see,” Lana said. The ‘Rick’ in question is Rick Nowels, a frequent collaborator on Lana’s records.

While we might have to wait for the musical to come to fruition, tickets to her Australian tour are available here.


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