Aldous Harding’s new single video is beautiful and bewildering

Words by Maki Morita

Zoo Eyes.

Enigmatic singer/songwriter Aldous Harding has just released the video for ‘Zoo Eyes’, and it’s sheer visual poetry.

Created by the director of Harding’s music video for ‘The Barrel’ Martin Sagadin, ‘Zoo Eyes’ takes on a similar offbeat vibe. The video opens with a lone, cloaked figure standing atop a hill as Harding croons, “Why, what am I doing in Dubai?”. 

Other highlights include Harding’s elaborate doll-like outfit, abstract make-up, and a big, shaggy monster reminiscent of cult kids TV show Yo Gabba Gabba.

In typical Aldous Harding style, ‘Zoo Eyes’ is both beautiful and bewildering. Filmed in her native New Zealand, the video’s backdrop is moody and ethereal, consisting of cloudy skies and rolling hills. Oh, and a mysterious woman holding a lamb. 

This is New Zealand after all. 

Harding was recently awarded a Silver Scroll Award for ‘The Barrel’, and has been nominated in the Solo Artist category in this year’s Q Awards. With her quirky persona, soaring vocals, and delightfully weird music videos, Harding is an indie darling on the rise. 

You can listen to ‘Zoo Eyes’ here.



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