Mansionair share new version of ‘Easier’ featuring SHAED

Words by Ruby Staley

“Tell me it gets easier.”

Sydney trio Masionair return with an emotionally charged reinterpretation of ‘Easier’, a hit single of their debut album Shadowboxer.

Just in time for the track to reach Gold status in Australia, the second single from the album to do so, they teamed up with SHAED for the re-release.

The song, already raw and sentimental, is only elevated with the inclusion of the singer’s more-feminine vocals that layer with the original voices, flirting with the surging crescendos.

“Easier is a song that has grown with us. Initially a personal reflection about overcoming your own darkness, it’s grown into a reinterpreted story about facing those same challenges with someone else,” said Mansionair.

This powerful collaboration will be one we’ll be listening to throughout summer, hopefully catching it live at one of Masionair’s Spilt Milk or Lost Paradise performances.

Listen to ‘Easier’ featuring SHAED, or the rest of Shadowboxer, here.

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