Apple releases a new version of the beloved iPod Touch

Image via Apple
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Shut up and take our money.

We probably don’t need another Apple device in our lives, but like the rest of the masses, we just can’t resist.

Back in January, Japanese site Macotaka speculated that a new iPod touch could be on the way, and it turns out they were right.

Apple has just released a new iteration of the classic device, delivering an improved 2019 version.

It pretty much has everything you’d expect from a new generation iPod Touch: plenty of GBs, a super thin design, and cute colours to choose from (the most important aspect in our books).

Though it might look similar to your 2012 device, it boasts some pretty high-tech features. One of the most notable is Group Facetime, which as the name suggests, allows you to chat with multiple friends and family members.

In the realm of gaming, it’s no longer just Doodle Jump and Words with Friends. Instead, the device will include immersive AR capabilities, subsequently bringing 3D objects to life ‘cause we’re living in the future.

Essentially, the iPod Touch offers you the perks of an iPhone, without having to deal with a mobile phone plan (and consequently exceeding it each month).

Apple’s new gadget starts at $299, and is available to shop now online now


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