Babe Rainbow channel a ‘70s Californian summer with new single

Words by Mariah Papadopoulos

Beachy, psychedelic folk.

‘Many Moons of Love’ is the new track from blissed-out Brisbane band, Babe Rainbow.

The video for the single is a collaboration with director Kristofski. It’s a collection of clips from the band’s travels this year, flipping back and forth between Europe and the States.

As the band traipses through fields and across sandy beaches, the visuals are wholesome and lighthearted: watermelon cut up on a surfboard, a deer nestled in greenery, a smiling child.

Surfing features heavily, as do frisbee games and guitar-playing. Vintage visual effects amplify the feel-good 60s vibes.

We can expect more effortless and mellow sounds from the new album, Today, out September 20.

Listen to ‘Many Moons of Love’ here, watch the video here, and pre-order the album here.

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