Cosmo’s Midnight on making music and matching tracksuits

Interview by Frankie Scheriani

And a collaboration with Champion.

Cosmo’s Midnight – the electronic duo formed by twin brothers Cosmo and Patrick Liney – is enjoying its spot in the limelight.

2018 has seen the Sydney-based act release a debut album, sell out headline shows across Australia and the US, and play major festivals home and abroad.

Now, the brothers are the latest musicians to join Champion Revealed, a campaign shining a light on Australia’s underground music scene.

The partnership will see Champion support Cosmo’s Midnight in creating its latest music video, giving the artists the platform to share their creativity with a wide-scale audience.

Ahead of the video’s release, we sat down with Patrick to chat making music, Champion and matching tracksuits.

Hey Patrick, what’s it like being in an electronic duo with your twin brother?

It works really naturally, we’re really chill at travelling together, we fight a little but it’s never serious. I can’t imagine us ever doing it with anyone else or even by ourselves, I once played a gig by myself and it was weird.

You seemed to pull the short straw when it comes to your band name. How did you come up with the name ‘Cosmo’s Midnight’?

Cos just named an edit of a track he did as ‘Cosmo’s Midnight Mix’ – super literal, it just stuck from there. ‘Pat’s Midday’ doesn’t have the same ring (laughs).

Who wears the pants when it comes to decisions related to your music?

Everything always is unanimous otherwise I don’t think it’d work.

How did you feel when you found out ‘History’ was the most played song on Triple J in 2017?

It was surreal really, getting such incredible support from a radio station we grew up with is too cool.

How does your style differ from Cosmo’s?

We have pretty similar styles but Cos definitely gravitates to heavily patterned tees and stuff, I like to keep it basic mostly.

What was is like when you were chosen to be a part of the Champion Revealed campaign?

We were extremely down.

How do you think your personal style reflects Champion’s aesthetic? 

’90s vintage in a nutshell.

Does your music reflect elements of the ’90s?

Including but not limited to – we often look back for inspiration but I’d say one of our biggest influences come from ’70s and ’80s disco and funk. ’90s RnB and hip-hop have been hugely influential for us though.

What’s your go-to Champion piece?

Keep it simple, a Reverse Weave Crew.

Who’s more likely to pull off a Champion matching tracksuit?

Cos already did this and I’d say it was a success.

You’re performing at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival early next year, which has a load of awesome acts. Who are you most excited to share the bill with?

This might be the most stacked lineup I’ve ever witnessed, I’m just honoured to be playing for real. Jorja Smith, Smino, Rex Orange County, Jon Hopkins and Yellow Days are some big ones for me off the top of my head.

How does performing in Australia compare to performing overseas?

Playing in Australia, especially in our hometown, is always a hyped and simultaneously cosy feeling, I really enjoy the energy we have here. That said, playing overseas is such a journey, seeing the response to our music from people halfway around the world will never get old.

To learn more about Champion Revealed x Cosmo’s Midnight, head here.


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