Exclusive: Step into a dreamworld with Clea’s new video


A new addition to your list of musical girl crushes. 

Brisbane-based musician Clea has released a dreamy music video for her latest single, ‘Soft Blow To The Head’.

Shot on 16mm film in Queensland’s Scenic Rim at Clea’s home studio, the track provides an intimate look into her personal relationships.  

In Clea’s words, it “relives the moments in which you slip back into the enchanting toxicity of a domineering person, eventually gaining the courage and hindsight to move on and see the situation for what it is.  

“It’s like a deep breath with a long sigh. It moves through emotion without rest and reveals that in order to really appreciate your best life, you sometimes have to go through a bad experience.” 

This epiphany is mirrored in the (incredible) outfits she wears throughout the video.  

Dark puffy sleeves and stiff dresses are paired with padded headbands and dewy makeup, and reflective embellishments signify “that you are the only one who can enable change, no one else can do it for you, it always reflects back to you,” Clea explains. 

We just have one question – does anyone know where we can get her clip-on glitter bead extensions?

Check out the video below and keep an eye out for her sophomore album, expected sometime this year. 


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