Expectations: Bebe Rexha

Words by Bianca O’Neill

A solid debut.

You mightn’t have heard of Bebe Rexha – or more likely, you’ve seen her wandering around the MTV Awards and wondered: ‘who the hell is that?’

Rexha, like Sia, is probably best known for her songwriting, having co-written Eminem and Rihanna’s Grammy-winning track ‘The Monster’, as well as penning songs for Selena Gomez, David Guetta and more.

On her debut solo album, those talents are on show, resulting in a fairly solid pop lineup that’s made for radio play.

Standouts you’re sure to hear on high rotation include the Gaga-like ‘I’m A Mess’ and the catchy ‘I Got You’. The only criticism I could level on this record is that it would have been stronger as a 10-track.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 180. You can read it here.

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