Haiku Hands discuss all things ‘Fashion Model Art’ with New York duo Sofi Tukker


Words by Sally Edwards

Those three little words.

Local dance-pop renegades Haiku Hands released their debut, eponymously titled album last Thursday and holy moly is it a banger.

Packed with satire and sass, the 12-track LP explores themes pertinent to these modern times: relationships, technology, society and the totally absurd. And who better to join them along the way, if only just for a single song, than New York-based jungle-pop duo, Sofi Tukker.

The joint tune, aptly titled ‘Fashion Model Art’, is a beat-heavy ode to the at once ridiculous and wholly serious ‘fashion model art’ character which takes the reins within us all at times. It’s like, as Haiku Hands explain, when you swap from being a composed art critique to your playful self.

If you’re unfamiliar, the inner dialogue of such a possession goes a little like this, as voiced on the track: “Smile with your eyes. An interested person is an interesting person. What do I do with my hands?”

To celebrate their cute and fun collab, Beatrice, Claire and Mie from Haiku Hands orchestrated a lil Q&A with Sophie and Tucker from Sofi Tukker (duh). Keep reading for the ridiculously good-looking pair’s take on animal print, dressing and Dali vs. Botticelli.

Haiku Hands: What are the most expensive shoes you’ve ever bought?

Sophie: Probably a pair of shiny Stella McCartney sneakers that I wore on TV once. [Afterwards] I decided to get them for those times when I need to be both shiny and mobile. I only wear them for very special occasions and performances.

HH: Would you rather be a model or a stylist and why?

Tucker: A model. Because I don’t enjoy returning clothes. I’ve learned that a huge part of the stylist’s job is picking up and returning bags of clothes. I’m not a huge walker. Modelling can definitely be uncomfortable but it’s a better alternative for me. 

HH: Can you explain a scenario in which someone is wearing too much animal print?

T: There isn’t one.

HH: What are your considerations when you get dressed in the morning?

S: Can I dance in this? Do I feel the soft animal of my body come alive in this? Can I stretch and sit in bizarre positions in this comfortably? Are the colours making me happy? Are my feet supported? Am I having fun in this?

HH: What are your tactics when you feel uncomfortable in a social environment?

T: Leave. And if I can’t do that then don’t talk much and try to get outta there as quick as possible.

S: Meditate, tune out and enter my own orbit. Or find someone else in the social environment who is on my wavelength.

HH: Would you get a naked portrait done of yourself and, if so, would you display the final piece?

S: Totally.

T: No and no.

HH: What’s your favourite piece of artwork that you own?

S: I have some of Ekaterina Belinskaya’s photos in super bright, colourful picture frames in my room and I love them. She’s a good friend and we’ve worked with her before. 

HH: Would you rather be in a Salvador Dali or Sandro Botticelli artwork?

S: I’m gonna go with Dali. More colourful.

T: I’ll go with Botticelli. If I can be a part of an ornate ceiling while riding a unicorn.

HH: What did you want to be when you were seven years old?

S: A ballerina-firefighter. It’s one role.

HH: Who is your favourite superhero and why?

Both: The Black Panther. Rest in power Chadwick Boseman. 



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