UPDATE: Lovable enigma Harry Styles has blessed us with new music

Words by Fashion Journal

Do you know who you are?

UPDATE: It is not an overstatement to say the FJ office has collectively lost its mind this afternoon.

After making us all feel warm and fuzzy, apparent tease Harry Styles posted two cryptic photos to his Instagram.

One was an overwhelming photo of him leaning against a wall, glistening. The other had the words ‘Lights Up’ emblazoned over it.

Both were uncaptioned, leaving us to figure out for ourselves that ‘Lights Up’ is Styles’ new single, and it’s out right now. We can’t even process the song, however, because of the video that comes with it.

We’re guessing our boy has been hitting the gym since we’ve last seen him, because his super bare bod (still glistening, btw) is looking kind of ripped. He’s also riding irresponsibly on the back of motorbikes, and floating artistically in bodies of water.

Check out the brilliant new track below.

Cementing his status as the leader of a generation, Harry Styles has launched an Internet compliment-generator for World Mental Health Day on October 10.

The bona fide cultural icon took to the streets overnight, plastering cryptic billboards all over cities around the world. Reading, “DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?”, fans assumed an imminent single release. While the details around new music are unconfirmed (but the billboards feature Harry’s label, Columbia Records’, logo), we do know the posters point directly to a URL.

Once at the website, simply plug in your name to receive a compliment from the Style-maker.

Each compliment ends with TPWK, which stands for “Treat People With Kindness”.

Forever the existentialist heartthrob, we can always trust Harry to both ask the hard-hitting questions and profoundly give us back an answer.


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