Exclusive: Holmsey remixes Eves Karydas’ single ‘Further Than The Planes Fly’

Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Earphones in.

Just when you think a song can’t get any better, someone brings along a fresh remix.

In this case, Eves Karydas’ single ‘Further Than The Planes Fly’ has been given a whole new sound, courtesy of Melbourne producer Holmsey.

Holmsey first arrived on the remix scene last year, when he turned Angus and Julia Stone’s ‘Chateau’ into a dreamy summer anthem. Now, the producer is gearing up for his latest release, a take on Karydas’ signature sound.

The original track a now certified gold single merges confessional lyrics with a melodic pop beat. While still retaining its catchy rhythm, the updated remix brings a relaxed electro version, sprinkled with bass drops and cool EDM additions.

You can listen to Holmsey’s ‘Further Than The Planes Fly’ remix here. 


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