Methyl Ethel: Triage



Methyl Ethel’s third album, Triage, is more of a grower than an instant hit.

Filled with layered intricacies, every listen reveals something new, something hidden – but unfortunately, as a whole, it doesn’t hit as hard as one would hope.

While pop sensibilities underline every track, it’s the way Methyl Ethel flips conventional pop tropes on their head that makes everything they create sound interesting.

Opening with a bang, the bouncy shimmer of ‘Ruiner’ and the twinkling strut of ‘Scream Whole’ set expectations high while the floating, melodic soundscape of ‘All The Elements’ showcases versatility early on.

But then ‘Trip The Mains’ kicks in, and one of Triage’s biggest downfalls is highlighted. At times the art-rock creativity can be overblown, boldness becomes grandiosity, and sometimes the theatrics don’t hold up.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 187. You can read it here.


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