Brendan Maclean: FUNBANG1

Back to back bangers.

More people need to be listening to Brendan Maclean. Not just because he’s one of the few openly queer Australian musicians. And not just because one of the tracks references amyl.

People should be listening because there’s almost back to back bangers on funbang1, which is not an easy task to achieve. ‘Tectonic’ and ‘Never Enough’ most closely recall a Robyn-esque ‘Tears on the Dancefloor’ sound and are immediate highlights.

It’s a pop injustice that ‘Tectonic’ didn’t receive the level of exposure it deserved, as it’s one of the finest pop songs Australia’s ever produced. It’s refreshing, especially to hear a male artist embrace pop for what it is.

It’s tiring to hide behind the façade of pop only being worthwhile if it’s done ‘ironically’, tongue planted in cheek. Instead, funbang1 is colourful, unapologetically queer and could basically be subtitled “soundtrack to a weekend of my gay life.” 


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 159. You can read it here.

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