First Look: Sally Seltmann drops new track ‘Dancing in the Darkness’

An ode to our psyche’s darker side.

Listening to Sally Seltmann’s new single, ‘Dancing in the Darkness,’ it’s easy to see why the singer-songwriter was nominated for a Grammy.

Written with and produced by her husband Darren (nawww), ‘Dancing in the Darkness’ is as an ode to our psyche’s darker side. Of the track, Sally says: 

“It’s an introspective hero song about honoring the beauty in your own madness.” 

The song will be released via Sally’s own label Three of Hearts on April 26. It will also feature on the pilot of ABC’s ‘The Letdown’ this May. 

Have a listen to ‘Dancing in the Darkness’ below or pre-order it here, and tell us what ya think. 


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