Justin Bieber makes news of the sartorial kind with his new line of merch


Not one to let a newsworthy moment slip by, the Beibs has just dropped his own line of exclusive merch.

The release comes days after the release of Zayn’s streetwear range. We feel a twitter fan fight ensuing.

High Snobiety has given Beliebers a sneak peek at the new Purpose tour merch, designed for the Miami leg of the tour. 

The line includes T-shirts with phrases including ‘I don’t do photos’. We get it Justin, no need to push it in our faces. 

The collection is in collaboration with Jerry Lorenzo, the designer behind Los Angeles men’s streetwear label Fear of God. The range including T-shirts, muscle tees, hoodies and hats comes in bright orange, black and white. 

A little more streetwear than regular merch, this stuff isn’t like the Biebs tee you sported at the height of your fangirl days. 

All of us non-Americans will miss out, with the pieces only available at the exclusive Alchemist Miami pop-up. 


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