Your ’90s dreams have almost come true, the Spice Girls have recorded new music

Bit awks.

Your ’90s dreams have come true (if that dream was to have 3/5 of your favourite girl group reunite to record music…).

Yep, after countless rumours of a Spice Girls tour, the news has gotten even better. Or worse, depending on how you look at it.

Baby, Ginger and Scary Spice have teamed up to drop a song in celebration of ‘Wannabe’s 20th anniversary. 

We already knew Posh would be out if anything did go ahead, but now Sporty is gone too? It’s hard to imagine what better things she has to do.

Songwriter and producer Eliot Kennedy told Good Morning Britain: “We have been in the studio, with just three of them – Mel B and Geri and Emma – and we had a fantastic couple of days.

“We wrote a brilliant song and the energy was exactly like it was 20 years ago, just as enthusiastic, just as much to say, just as much to celebrate.”

Except with two less people.

It’s not really the reunion we were hoping for, but we’re sure it can’t be any worse than this. We’re starting to think that our fave ’90s acts should just stay…in the ’90s.

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