Meet the 20 year old behind RiRi’s track ‘Bitch Better Have my Money’

Bibi 4 RiRi.

Little did we know that behind Rhianna’s newest track, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money,’ is a 20 year old girl from Germany. The talented young lady Bibi Bourelly told Noisey, “We had no idea [Rihanna] would actually ever hear it or do it. It took us forever to get it to her, and when she did hear it, she thought it was cool.”

Already paving her way to a great career Bibi has also collaborated with Kanye, who as a producer on RiRi’s latest album, brought the song to her himself. 

“Working with Rihanna has changed my life,” Bibi notes. What’s next from the girl on the road to success?

“People have not seen anything at all yet,” she said. “I have some new music. Very soon.”

Who run the world? Girls!

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