Musings from Groovin the Moo 2017

Image: Kane Hibberd

A few thoughts I had.

The Victorian country town of Bendigo was taken over by festival goers on Saturday, for the 2017 Groovin The Moo.

Despite some last-minute lineup changes, the day went off without a hitch. Here’s what went down.

  1. Let me start out by saying I’m a Groovin rookie.
  2. I’m not really sure what to expect but I’m going in optimistic.
  3. V/Line has really nice trains. I kind of think us Metro people are missing out.
  4. Same goes for the shuttle bus at Bendigo station. Despite there being looooooads of people trying to get to the Bendigo Showgrounds, we’re on the bus within 10 minutes.
  5. An avocado and halloumi toastie courtesy of The Avocado Hut is going reallllllly well with Alex Lahey’s music.
  6. No seriously, this is bloody delicious.
  7. The weather man clearly doesn’t know what’s up. It’s warm and deliciously sunny.
  8. This day is going very well.
  9. On first inspection, the festival fashion is relatively tame. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of glitter-covered space buns, but not too many butts.That’s always a positive.
  10. I feel like the oldest person here.
  11. Northeast Party House lives up to its name every time.
  12. Good music? Check.
  13. Glitter cannons? Check.
  14. Cover of Childish Gambino? Unexpected but very enjoyable.
  15. So apparently Montaigne has pulled out sick (sad face).
  16. Props to Alice Ivy for stepping up in her place.
  17. Unfortunately, this performance doesn’t seem to suit the crowd. I feel a little awks watching this tbh.
  18. OK, so maybe the weather man does know what he’s talking about. Turns out it’s not just Melbourne with four seasons in one day.
  19. It’s f***ing freezing.
  20. Putting gas heaters in the industry bar has to be the greatest idea ever.
  21. I feel sorry for all those girls in naked dresses. They must be freezing.
  22. Here comes the rain.
  23. Thank god I wore jeans.
  24. There’s no vino at the bar! What is this?!
  25. I’ve opted for a Smirnoff Double Black.
  26. It’s not a good choice.
  27. The Smith Street Band is playing. If you’re into them, you’d probably enjoy their set.
  28. I’m not into them.
  29. Please make them stop (and make this Double Black go away).
  30. Goodbye rain!
  31. So far, GTM is doing very well. I’ve seen the bins emptied twice and the toilets are very clean.
  32. Still disappointed by the lack of wine in the industry bar though…
  33. I’m heading into the crowd again. Wish me luck.
  34. Amy Shark, I feel sorry for doubting your hype.
  35. I’m impressed with your adidas getup.
  36. And your set is actually pretty damn killer.
  37. Forget grabbing your lover, my bestie is making the perfect non-romantic hug substitute in ‘Adore You’.
  38. Milky Chance is a little disappointing. I’d heard good things.
  39. ‘Cocoon’ and ‘Stolen Dance’ have gone off, but that’s more thanks to the crowd.
  40. The band is lacking something.
  41. I think it’s emotion.
  42. I forgot how many killer songs Pnau have.
  44. The crowd is loving this and so am I.
  45. ‘Chameleon’ is basically me and a couple of thousand people singing gibberish.
  46. “Oh est la mooooo, cest la de doooo, ohhhh oh chameleon.”
  47. It’s not pretty but it’s very fun.
  48. Who knew I had the energy to jump on the spot for 50 minutes straight?
  49. Make that two hours because Snakehips are actually amazing.
  50. I mean are DJ sets ever really that good?
  51. Turns out they can be.
  52. ‘Don’t Leave’ is so much more emotional when you’re singing it with 1000 out-of-tune strangers.
  53. I forgot how much of a tune ‘All my Friends’ is.
  54. The crowd has been relatively chill all day. Until now. The Wombats have started.
  55. I’m kind of disappointed by all the elbows to the boobs and face I’m getting right now.
  56. Add getting kicked to that list.
  57. Going on people’s shoulders in a crowd really isn’t pleasant for the people around you.
  58. Do I sound like an old person?
  59. These tunes take me back to 2011.
  60. Damn, I forgot how many catchy songs The Wombats have.
  61. ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ is basically the anthem of the night.
  62. I’m going to lose my voice, I can feel it.
  63. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by today. I give it four-and-a-half stars.
  64. Maybe see you next year, Bendigo.


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