Rhianna and Chris Brown’s new/old track ‘Put It Up’ has been leaked

There’s no secrets on the WWW

Back in 2009, prior to all the nasty treatment Chris Brown gave our beloved Rhianna, the then-couple made a song together titled ‘Put It Up.’ 
Over the weekend the song has surfaced, and the new-but-old track can be now heard on the interwebs.
The song was said to have been for Chris Browns’ last album X but as rumour has it, the single was requested to be cut by RiRi after the couple broke. Unlike most of the other songs they were releasing on Rhianna’s Rated R album, the song is a slowed-down tune about their adoration for one another. 
It’s hard not to remember the domestic violence that went down after this track was made. Listening to lyrics like, “I’m going to give you all my love and I hope you don’t misplace it” and “promise it’ll be alright” is pretty hard considering the circumstances.
Putting aside points of view on their up-and-down relationship, the duo has a history whipping up some good tracks together. Even if we do wish it their history was a bit less problematic.
[Via Vulture]
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