Stream: Lurch and Chief’s Breathe EP

“It’s always been about time and it’s constraints on the mind”

In pre-emption of their upcoming national headline tour, Fashion Journal will be live streaming the latest EP from Lurch and Chief. The EP, titled Breathe features the chaotic, yet cohesive sounds of the six-piece neo-psych band. 

Founded in Melbourne in 2012 as a creative outlet for a group of friends, Lurch and Chief’s unique sound and captivating music videos are getting all the right kinds of attention. 

Lead vocalist, Lillibeth Hall gives us a track by track rundown of the EP so you can get into the dark recesses of the music while you listen.


“I was in a very sullen mood working on this for the first time. I fell into singing the main part of this song instead of Hayden, so just wrote with the mood. Frustrated about having to leave our second writing week and return to a song I wasn’t yet emotionally in tune with was difficult.

The lyrics refer to pressure. Isolation. Secrets. Blame. The bite of someone’s words and the inability for things to be unheard once out of the bag. Finding your centre and peace with the new information.”

Breathe Out

“The melody and skeleton of lyrics emerged very quickly along with song structure. 

I was playing with vocal effects (pedal) at that point which really added urgency around the pre chorus and something calming when the chorus locks in. 

For me the melody and lyrics are about a person reaching a tragic point in their life. 

They made decisions to continually leave people who loved them. Their experience oriented nature made them uncatchable yet convincing and perfectly and uniquely beautiful.

My instructs ‘breath out’, a simple and effective remedy for that person, take a moment and reflect before running. The lyrics also allude to the nagging feelings that person has about partners who rely on them and their determination to seek more.”

Fading Out

“This song is about a person’s journey: one who cannot commit, be possessed or stay in one place for long. Chasing freedom, they usually dismay, hurt and unravel their lovers, family and friends.

Tender moments in the music, paired with the frustration in the lyrics follow the path of the people at a loss in this situation.”

Reasonable Man

“It’s always been about time and it’s constraints on the mind. How the human condition is bound to it and a slave to the past and future, never present.”

Made Me Use

“My parts try to emphasise the smaller voice on your shoulder that continues when you have no control. It has a certain urgency…I swore excessively while recording this.”

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