The Horrors: V


Shallow deep.

Having recently toured with Depeche Mode, the opening strains of the Horror’s fifth album looms large with borrowed inspiration from the ’80s new wave pioneers.

V is an interesting exploration for The Horrors, one which traverses the worlds of post punk, psych, grunge, some weird vibes and the kitchen sink.

Most of the commentary around V, however, hasn’t been about the fact it’s actually a really good album – it’s about the lack of substance.

At times, the obscure lyrics seem randomly generated by a computer (or an ounce of weed) and, if you’re going to take cues from Depeche Mode, in the end it all has to mean something.

Something we can feel. Otherwise, well… it’s just a pretty hologram.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 173. You can read it here.


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