Weezer: Pacific Daydream


Feat. all the worst Californian rock clichés.

Let me preface by saying I’m a huge fan of Weezer(’s old stuff ).

Unfortunately, although Pacific Daydream channels the band’s California sound in a huge way, it certainly isn’t reminiscent of “beachside reveries from the end of the world,” as suggested in the press release. Nor does it channel the musical offspring of the “Beach Boys and The Clash.”

It’s more like the annoying younger brother of Maroon 5 and Good Charlotte – with all the worst Californian rock clichés.

And just like the many young women getting their first tattoos down at Venice Beach, Rivers Cuomo found his inspiration in a Chinese proverb…Instead, he probably should have stuck to broken hearts and outsiderdom.

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 174. You can read it here.

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