Thoughts on Phantastic Ferniture’s self-titled album

Words by Bianca O’Neill

A new direction.

Julia Jacklin isn’t sad anymore… it seems she’s hung up her folk guitar and joined a garage pop band. And I’m loving it.

Phantastic Ferniture’s self-titled full length isn’t really for the music nerds out there. It has an easy adolescence about it that seems incongruous with the weather right now, but is right on target for a bunch of summer festival lineup additions.

I find it interesting that the first single was ‘Fuckin ‘N’ Rollin’ – it’s certainly not the best, or the most fun. But hey, that’s the mysterious Triple J playlist for you. Try ‘I Need It’ or ‘Dark Corner Dance Floor’ instead.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 181. You can read it here.

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