Say hello to Melbourne electronic duo Hemm

Interview by Rosie Macquire

Big things coming.

It’s high time you became acquainted with Melbourne-based producers Hemm.

Combining contrasting backgrounds in folk and psychedelic rock, the pair play to their strengths. Their music mixes heartful lyrics with experimental beats, putting a refreshing spin on the local music scene. In fact, we like it so much, we’ve featured Hemm’s music in several Fashion Journal videos.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen, the duo are about to release a remix EP, with another EP soon to follow.

We sat down with Juice – one half of Hemm – to chat influences, live shows and what the future holds.

Hey Juice, can you tell us how you and Bobby started making music together?

I think we were both in a space where we wanted to experiment and broaden our horizons creatively. I come from a folk background and didn’t really have any experience with production or working with electronics at the time, so I asked Bobby if I could come over and observe his creative process. We began producing a song I had written and really liked what came out so decided to keep going.

How long have you worked together?

We started making music together at the beginning of 2016. It started off as just wanting to write one song together, which then turned into wanting to write a one-off collaborative EP together, to then deciding to turn it into its own project.

Where does the name Hemm come from?

Hemm is a cross between ‘him’ and ‘her’.

How do you describe your sound?

We still find this question a little bit tricky to answer because we’re still learning and growing and changing as artists. We make experimental electronic pop music. Pop songs with experimental arrangements and production. Our sound at this stage could be described as a blend of folk-style melodies and lyrics with intricate and considered electronic production.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Arca, Björk, Iglooghost, Grimes, Fever Ray, SOPHIE to name a few!

Do you have any plans for an album in future?

We’ve just about finished our second EP, and we have a remix EP coming out very soon featuring lots of friends. I think an album is definitely on the horizon. We’re always discussing where we’d like to take things next sonically and we have lots and lots of ideas. Stay tuned!

What can the audience expect at one of your shows?

At the moment, our live shows consist of a blend between songs we have released, a couple of new ones and ambient interludes that merge each piece together so that the music doesn’t stop until we do. They’re pretty considered and thoughtful.

We have lots of plans for our future shows, though, which include many collaborative elements; dancers, structures, outfits and friends. We can’t wait to share.

What do you like to wear on stage?

It changes depending on how we’re feeling and the event but we always wear something matching. We’ve got a couple of very talented and hard-working fash friends lined up to make us some outfits, so we’re really excited about that.

Any favourite local designers?

A.BCH, Kloke, Sister Studios, Verner and Honest.

Who’s your dream collaborator?

Probably Jesse Kanda.

Melburnians can catch Hemm supporting Frida at The Gasometer Upstairs on August 3, and Comedown Party at The Grace Darling August 24. 

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