The Presets: Hi Viz

Words by Bianca O’Neill

Old school dance at its finest.

Back in 2012, the world went crazy for The Presets’ groundbreaking Apocalypso. It was made for radio, bringing them to a wider audience who were just discovering dance music at the start of its peak.

It’s interesting then, that the duo has returned with something altogether less commercial – and that bravery is exactly what makes this album a winner.

Opening with the dirty, glitchy ‘Knuckles’, and later with the jungle beat of ‘Brains’, they tell us it’s time for a return to their more experimental roots – but they still have the presence of mind to include radio-friendly bangers like last year’s ‘Do What You Want’.

Admittedly this is old school dance, but it’s still so good.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 179. You can read it here

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