FME Apparel drops SS15/16 collection

Belonging to summer.

When it comes to summer style FME Apparel knows what’s up. Think classic, chic and elegant with a perfectly balanced colour palette.

The SS15/16 collection, Aestival, meaning belonging to summer, aligns comfort and wearability with refined detail and design. Balancing flowing styles and structured pieces, Aestival taps soft greys, cream, black, denim blue, soft stripes and florals to create a versatile yet playful line.

The line uses high-quality, natural and ethical fabrics from Japan and India. Most loved for its soft feel and durability is Cupro/Linen, a Japanese fabric that dominates the collection. 

Favouring button-up collars, drawstring straps, textured towelling knits, keyhole necklines and an overall Japanese aesthetic, we are thanking FME for all the summer essentials. 

Shop the collection here.


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