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LA does alright, if you do it right.

Words by

Tiffany Newman

Los Angeles. The ultimate cool kid scene and the one place where everyone seems to be 'someone'.

Despite the insanity that is Hollywood, LA actually has a really cool vibe about it. From the hipster scene to the beach babes, LA does alright, if you do it right.

So here is my blogger's guide to LA to give you hand. Youre welcome. 

1. Get yourself a shack in Venice Beach

Renting out a cute lil' shack in Venice will be the best decision youll make. Venice is a prime possie! It's close enough to Santa Monica, right on the tourist hub of the foreshore, around the corner from the eclectic street of Abbot Kinney (well get to that in a min) and has an epic landscape for all your Instagram needs.

From the pastel blue Californian bungalows, magenta bougainvillaea, succulent gardens and white weatherboard houses to the shadows cast by those Cali palms, if you want to evoke massive FOMO back home, Venice has you covered in the #travelgram department. 

2. Wander Abbot Kinney

Without a doubt this street is the cultural hipster hub of LA. Abbot Kinney (actually named after the man who developed most of Venicecheers mate) is your go-to spot for good coffee, green juice, boutique fashion design, artistic graffiti and a good glass of wine. It's basically Bondi meets Brunswick. 

To eat, head to a few of my favs and you won't be sorry. For good coffee, Blue Bottle or Intelligentsia both have massive game, or if organic greens are more your style, Kreation has you covered. For wine, tapas & pizza, Gjelina is a must. Order the olives to get you started and then move on to any one of their incredible gourmet wood fire pizzas. One word. FOODPORNno wait, thats two words. 

3. Pedal to the metal

Bicycles. Bicycles everywhere. And if you don't have one at your acomm, be assured you can hire one along the Boulevard. This is actually the best way to get around LA. The traffic in can be a little crazy, so cycling around will get you where you need to be and also keep up that exercise you're missing out on back home. #twobirdsonestone

While your pedalling, grab yourself a green juice from Kreation and snap your best #coldpressed #cyclelyfe gram moment, to remind your mates back home that you can have your cake and eat it too. 

4. Do the tourist thing, walk the boardwalk

Santa Monica pier is certainly the stereotypical America they make it out to be in the movies. There’s the ferris wheel, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., cotton candy, scenic views and tourists. Tourists everywhere. While it may be a bit overwhelming, it’s most definitely something to see in this lifetime. Head into Santa Monica city centre afterwards for shopping and a decent almond iced latte. 

5. Sangria at The Bungalow

Transformed from a breezy, baja 1947 cottage, The Bungalow bar is definitely one of the chicest spots in SM. With good crowds, retro interior design, cocktails for days and cute bartenders, it will be a natural fit for your Instagram standards. Order a jug of Sangria and the tacos. Because everyone loves a taco. 

6. Find a mansionOOTD. repeat

Get your farshun fix in and among the mammoth mansions of LA. Youll find plenty of white clean lines and shady palm trees for your outfit needs (see above). Get posting and watch those instalikes roll in. Thank me later. 

7. Walk the Venice canals 

Walking the Venice canals is pretty spesh. Bringing a slice of Venice paradise (the Italian one) to LA, the canals were the bright idea of Abbot Kinney himself. Walking around will ensure youll have plenty of scenic content for your social feeds. Think ducks, row boats and seaside community charm all wrapped into one manmade vista. And if you happen to venture there at sunset like myselfyou are definitely in for a treat. #nofilter

I can certainly understand the allure of LA. Despite its superficial elements at first glance, if you dig a little deeper the place has some serious charm. All I can say is… you did good LA, you did good. 

To see more of her LA experience follow Tiffany on Instagram @_divinewanderer_

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