5 bougie hand sanitisers so you can practice social-distancing in style

Image via Grown Alchemist
Words by Tori Mathison


For those who are done with Dettol. 

These are strange times – panic shopping, a toilet paper deficit and the growing awareness that maybe adults don’t actually have that superior a hygiene practice. Hand sanitiser being a hot commodity would once have been laughable, yet here we are with our practical guide to the sexiest hand sanitisers on the market. 

Hydra-Hand Sanitiser by Grown Alchemist 

This luxe new hand sanitiser from skincare powerhouse Grown Alchemist is sure to make the cut in your end-of-the-world essentials kit. With a killer 70 per cent alcohol concentration derived naturally from cane sugars, this sanitiser is as much quality as it is class.

Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitiser by Megababe

Cute and gloopy with a lively citrus scent, plus the obvious convenience of size, this one is a steal at $6.

Resurrection Rinse-Free Handwash by Aesop

Urbane and aromatic, this pocket-rocket from Aesop is both discrete and divine. With a 50ml handbag-appropriate size and the iconic Aesop packaging, it’s perfectly inoffensive to pull out in public.

Rinse-Free Handwash by Byredo

Full disclosure, this may not qualify as a sanitiser, but perhaps the most classy candidate comes from Swedish brand Byredo, offering up their chic, rinse-free hand wash in four swoon-worthy fragrances.

Organic Hand Sanitiser by Dr. Bronners 

Completely organic and vegan, this affordable and travel-friendly offering is a bare necessity. The label’s charming apothecary aesthetic and convenient spray bottle is pleasingly discrete, and there’s two fresh options fragrance wise – lavender or peppermint.   

As you’re no doubt already aware, coronavirus has well and truly taken hold in Australia, and an increasing number of us will be self-isolating or working from home. We’re living through a scary, uncertain time right now, and it’s easy to get swept up in the neverending cycle of negative news. Over the coming weeks, we hope to provide you with a little reprieve from all the heaviness, and lots of ideas for how to fill all that time you’ll be spending at home. Take care out there and don’t be a stranger. We’re all in this together. Love the FJ team xx

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