7-Eleven is launching its own beauty line

Words by Veronica Stanford

What’ll they think of next?

When most people make a pit stop at 7-Eleven, it’s to get their daily dose of caffeine, a slushy, cash out or a 3am Krispy Kream. But now, the chain of convenience stores is entering a new market.

7-Eleven has just announced it’s rolling out an exclusive beauty line. What a world we live in.

Dubbed Simply Me Beauty, the line promises 40 products including BB cream, eyeshadow palettes, blush, highlighter, bronzer, eyeliner, lipgloss. It will also offer beauty tools including makeup brushes, beauty blenders, eye makeup remover and nail polish remover.

The line will be housed in a ‘Gorgeous on the Go’ display (props for that winning name…) in US 7-Eleven stores. It’s believed the line’s convenience and 7-Eleven’s huge amount of foot traffic will give it a competitive edge.

Simply Me Beauty will be priced between $2.99 and $4.99 USD and is expected to roll out at the end of the year.


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